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Even before Corona we needed a cut

People who are here from more than 7-8 years became lazy, coming to work at 11 am, going for tennis, gym, lunch, coffee tea. They are highly unproductive but taking big bonus, salary, RSU, retention bonus etc. lot of managers they don’t know project management, technically poor, their skills are laughable. Still they use their connections, politics to get high performance rating. Very sad. Now time upper management should send these people home and hire fresh graduates over the time. It will not just saves $$ for the company but bring new work culture. Wash your hands frequently to keep it clean or else Corona will infect us.

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@ceh+14rX56TI - You are working for a better company and you are still hanging on QCOM site?/
sour grapes? Get over it.

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Google just announced hiring freeze for rest of 2020

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there is no layoff.
few engineers from my company got hired from Q

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I saw a ton of what the OP mentioned. My team had a daily 10:30 meeting and a good 1/3 of people were late. Nothing was ever said to those rolling in 10 - 30 minutes late either.

We had two "managers" of the small team and they were so abysmal doing product management, there was talk of adding a dedicated PM. Then the 2018 layoffs happened.

Neither of the two managers could load a build on to a device to save their lives.

I was in early and stayed late to get things done. I was actually thankful they cut me in 2018. Went on to work for a much better place.

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