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Dish can s--- it!!

Dish can s— it! They have historically paid their employees below market. We have stayed loyal to a fault for years because have enjoyed the environment. But when Erik makes OVER $5,000,000, and Charlie makes over $3.4 million yearly, it's okay for them to cut us loose! F You Dish!!!

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At DISH, we’ve all felt the impacts. We’re working hard to make the best decisions with the information available to us. Things continue to quickly change and we’re figuring out the best ways to position both our current and future businesses for success. In addition to the changes above, we’ve made several other difficult but necessary decisions.

First, we’ve made the tough choice to further reduce our team. Many of the team members who are leaving us were based at our corporate locations in Denver, were committed to our culture and our mission, and made important contributions. We will do our best to help them through this transition.

Second, our leadership team will take pay cuts of between 10 and 30 percent for the remainder of 2020. These reductions will apply to me, our chairman, our board of directors and all of your leaders at the director level and higher.

Third, we will cancel merit increases for 2020 at all levels of the business. There will be a few limited exceptions for those who have truly distinguished themselves in an extraordinary way—not just in their performance for 2019, but also more recently in leading or supporting our business during the COVID-19 crisis. Examples include some of our IHS team members who were engaged in field activity, and a few of our facilities team members who have done a tremendous job preparing for our return to sites.

These steps help to better protect our future and save additional jobs.

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Toxic culture and it comes from the very top. TRASH executives who make too much money off the backs of others. I'm sure they're swimming like Scrooge McDuck in the piles of money while their formal, loyal employees have to suffer waiting on unemployment payments. Even their HR leadership, who you'd assume would have some regard for employees. are absolute garbage people with no concern for the people that work for them. David Scott, the head of HR, is ageist and literally pushed a senior citizen out of her job. Totally ILLEGAL and he and Dish should have been sued into the ground. I will scream from every rooftop to everyone that can hear me about how this company treats people because two of my family members worked there (one for all of their adult life) and one worked closely for the executives with knowledge of Charlie and his absolute lack of regard for people. He acts like a king and is grooming his id–t children to take over the company, so they will never change. Do not pay for any services this company sells and never, ever work for them.

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Total garbage company. No regard for human life.

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