Thread regarding Scientific Games Corp. layoffs

Not many new glassdoor reviews yet...

With all the pain and angst being felt right now, I'm a little surprised there isn't an avalanche of negative reviews of SG being added to glassdoor right now.

If not, then all those fake-sounding 5-star reviews of "all good", "no cons" will reign supreme...

Just saying, here's your chance to forewarn future employees of what they'll be setting foot into if they sign up with SG...

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Wow, that's a good insight, thx for sharing.

It makes me wonder though, how does HR manage to twist these people's arms to make them do it?

Is it a job security thing? "Do this 5-star review, otherwise you won't be in our good books and we'll find a way to get rid of you?"

Or do they give these people some perks and incentives to do so?

  1. e. carrot or stick? Or maybe both??
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Sci and it's large competitors ALL post fake positive reviews. HR departments make their people do it. Nice huh. Pretty obvious to spoke the fake ones.

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Hmm... Seems like the number of reviews has dropped (from 628 a few days ago to 624 now). Think their approval percentage went up in increment too...

Maybe they're doing some review pruning now... :-)

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Case in point, another review added 15th April:

"Nice Company"
Pros: Good benefits for the employees
Cons: No cons to discuss about the company

This I find puzzling: Fake-sounding overly-positive reviews like this are a dime a dozen there, but it seems those with grievances bite their lips and say nothing.

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