Thread regarding Micron Technology Inc. layoffs

Toxic environment, toxic management

Actions of the employer are deplorable when they don't treat employees fairly and within the law. Their gamble is that the savings from monkeying with employees performance ratings (to deny them bonuses, raises and or terminations) will outweigh costs of some of the lawsuits that would be brought forward.

Of course the propaganda machine is where they are putting their efforts while drilling fear amongst employees. They cant seem to loose sight of the $$ savings to realize that the trust they have betrayed will not come back. Not worth it. Toxic environment.

Cannot trust management when they act as hypocrites as defined by their actions.

An on-point post from @2gnie+12LA3JnU. I thought it deserved its own thread.

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Regardless of where you work if you are not happy then move on. If management gives a hoot they will retain you but I seriously doubt they will unless you have a high level skill they need and they cannot hire somebody to do it for a third the cost in some other part of the world. Welcome to the 21st century. It is sad because the old Micron was a great place to work but things do change.

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You guys must work in the test area!

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