Thread regarding Lowe's Cos. layoffs

Hostile work environment

I know we’re all feeling it.

Customers are crazier than ever. Yelling at associates for long lines, not wearing masks properly, etc.

We’re all busting our asses running from one end of the building and back, just to be here for their ‘essential’ returns, or gardening supplies. All while trying to keep them and ourselves safe.

I appreciate the $150 or $300 bonus (depending on your work status), but honestly, it’s just not worth it.

The associates are stressed and ready to crack, all to make corporate and the share holders even richer.

Do better for your people Marvin, because they’re literally giving you everything they have.

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Have you noticed that when other companies announce that they have done something for its employees it's like, "We gave them a $2 hour raise", or "We gave them an extra week of vacation". But with Lowes it's, "We spent 80 million, we spent another 80 million". They are trying to let it sound from their point of view that they are exceptionally important.. Pretty tacky.

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If a store achieved their winning together at 100, 105, or 110% then your going to be paid at that level. If your store didn’t achieve one of those levels, then you’ll get paid at the lowest payout level (either 95 or 97) can’t remember. The extra pay was announced through 5/1 and is already gone. If you’re counting on a temporary raise you may need to reconsider your budget.

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I think what "The Turtle" did with awarding "winning together" bonuses to non-achieving stores may cross the line of "fair and equal treatment" as set forth in Human Resources policies. Whatever the charity payment is going to be to said stores should also be given to stores that achieved their numbers. You can't give to one without giving to the other. This isn't just my opinion, it's policy. If this is not corrected it could and should cost him his job.

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Definitely cannot say it BETTER

On a different note I did appreciate the MARVELOUS ONE's recent email informing us we are ALL receiving the winning together bonuses. I also am grateful for his attention to detail reminding us of the mini bonuses and I very much appreciated his loving reminding that the recent pay raises are TEMPORARY.

Thank you for allowing all of us to run ourselves ragged and subject ourselves to possible exposure from disrespectful customers who continue to ignore the face mask and social distance mandates, all the while we are lovingly reminded that extra pay many of us are relying on Will be taken away on a moment's whim most likely after the upcoming inventories the Store's are currently prepping for.

Something's very wrong with this company

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Agreed! I’m thinking the high water mark will be Memorial Weekend, and then things will calm down. At least other retailers are opening up. Karen can go elsewhere to b–ch and moan for awhile. Sales will trend downward as summer goes by. Then we will see the housing market slow down tremendously, in my opinion. Things will get brutal down the road, I am afraid. I hope I’m wrong.

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