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7653 Kmart in serious trouble

From what I have been told:

More of the store closed off, mostly in the auto section is gone.
Not more pots, pans, towels, pillows coming in.
No more trucks coming in.
Many employees furloughed and probably won't be coming back.
Desperate attempt to expand the clothing lines which includes unsold Christmas and St. Paddy shirts.
Little Caesars' had a mouse in a trap, called the pest control to replace it, refuse to come in because store has not paid its bill in months.

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Certain sections might just have been closed because they were not "essential" departments, so in some states, they had to rope off certain areas. I have seen no links or evidence of this location closing yet. I HAVE seen evidence (on Sears jobs site) of Lebanon NH and Minot ND Kmarts closing.

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I shopped this location on Friday, May 22 and the auto area blocked off is the area where winter tire chains were sold. Another aisle next to it is also closed off, but those items were just moved over. That's the only area that I could see closed.

The Pantry area is well stocked with essential grocery items and this why I went there.

It is true the home area isn't all that well stocked, but we must all realize this store is in a rural area with no Walmart or Target nearby. So, it does get busy at times and things sell fast. They had about 30 Kenmore vacuums a week ago and they're all gone now. They also had a full wall of lounge chair cushions last week and on Friday there were only a few remaining.

I can't speak as to their paying of bills, but the store seems to be selling as they had 2 registers open with a few people in each line.

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@1ear+155D9Feb Yes, because they can't lie on a Facebook page right?! They are just taking photos of only a few nice looking spots. Doesn't show the whole picture of the store.

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Their Facebook page suggests otherwise

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Omg your English is terrible. It must be a 2nd language for you.

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