Thread regarding FTD layoffs

Let's play guess the speaker

Quote #1. "I don't see how they can justify paying (salary confidential) to a (ADA protected from discrimination description here).

Quote #2. "We could have hired anyone but a (insert ADA protected description here)!"

Quote #3. "My parents didn't leave me a house!"

Can anyone name the speakers?

Can anyone figure out who's disclosing confidential pay rates for that matter?

Who operates like this?????!!!!!!

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Bet the next round of layoffs involves management (just a hunch)

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Wait! Here's a really good quote...

Quote #4 -Who said "I told (confidential) we never should of"?

With all that time to possibly VIOLATE anti-discrimination statutes (that could have been better spent actually motivating incoming newbies), no wonder someone went bankrupt, got delisted from the stock exchange and had to install a whole new leadership team!

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