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OK so for a good laugh - imagine the old iteration of the company trying to enforce a non-disclosure of some sort

Maybe a hush hush don't talk about any embarrassing facts, like those agreements that try to buy silence and make people shut up and just go away.

But you look on the internet and see this...

And this...

Or this...

Um, what point would there be in having anyone sign off on one of those agreements?


No seriously, Nexus needs to just change the name completely. Maybe initiate a merger with some similar business that doesn't look so bad. I get that they dropped "Companies" and switched to "LLC," but there's too much baaaad stuff on the public record.

Can you imagine if when they kickec out the people from the older iteration, they made them sign hush agreements? Shhhh, don't mention this!

Then maybe no one will go online and look it up.

Does anyone know, can you omit an employer and say you took a year's sabbatical or something? Sheesh

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It keeps the name of the company listed as Active under the discussions when you spam it.

If you'd like it turned over to you then please post intermittently to keep it showing as an Active forum.

Read below on another thread that they made some people scramble to find alternative health insurance. Did people with cancer patients in and out of hospitals have to go through the anxiety of needing to get enrolled somewhere really really fast? If so, the name deserves to always show as an Active group on the forum. They think they can just not meet obligations for corporate social responsibility, change the name, keep switching up the leadsrship team, and try to buy silence with one-sided hush agreements that their own internal managers, based on over 100 pages of well-documented bad behavior, could NEVER abide by mutually (they couldn't shut up internally and stop disparaging their own subordinates)!

Will turn the forum over to others, but


Thank you

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