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Invasion of Privacy Hypothetical Question and the PHR

So here's a hypothetical scenario.

Let's say that in some private sector, perhaps private equity backed portfolio company, someone non management level discusses what any reasonable person would assume is PRIVATE information, such as the current balance someone has in their bank account versus what they owe.

A conversation amongst more than one non-management level persons.

Do you suppose the victim has a reasonable expectation that their bank account current balance is not the business of some loudmouthed dude sitting next to them?

Purely hypothetical question.

Should this type of discussion be overheard, I would have that individual investigated to find out where they obtained such sensitive financial information about their colleagues.

I hope anyone perusing the various threads from other companies that are furloughing and/or laying folks off learn what is/isn't proper conduct.

I highly recommend obtaining a copy of the PHR study manual for the HRCI exam. Regardless if you work in HR or not. If ever promoted to management, it is imperative to know what you can/cannot do.

Because things some of us have witnessed places in the past are not only shocking, but quite possibly major invasion of privacy issues.

If I can't ask my subordinate "Hey, do you have any kind of medical diagnosis, because cancer treatment is very expensive," then I am pretty sure I can't obtain sensitive personal and financial information and spread it around. I'm pretty certain there's something very very wrong with that.

Just a general FYI


Good information (because knowledge is power)

Oh yeah, specifically regarding this forum: What happened with the COBRA cancelation in the past? It was canceled because GUE Liquidation was like a new entity when the name was switched from the old iteration to something new? No wonder the people on that thread were so ticked off.

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