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Sadly this company has gone into the toilet when it used to be the best place to work in retail. My store is now a joke and everyone hates it there now. They lecture about club constantly and they lecture about stocking and all they care about is filling the online and shipment orders. There is never a thank you for anything we do. They have done nothing about protecting anyone from the pandemic from the getgo. Good people are leaving in droves. Entire departments are always required to ring up front and all departments look like hell. Recently we lost one of the only managers who actually listened to us and who tried to help us. He actually told us he took a lower paying job and he did it just to get out. We lost a team lead the next week and they shuffled staffing screwing over more departments. Our GM listens but does nothing to address the real issues. Our AGM is bipolar and will talk to one day, ignore you the next and scream at you for nothing the day after that. The other managers mostly overhwelmed and seem ready to quit themselves. I said I would never leave but I'm now looking because I cant take it.

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The AGM we lost was the glue that held this place together it feels like.

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OMG Are you at my store??? Same here, except we lost our AGM in February and that was a huge loss. She was the BEST. Seems like it's pretty much across the board. What a shame. We had good morale a long time ago but no-one even knows what that is now. Time to jump ship.

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