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Johnson Controls is a joke

JC bought out the company I worked for 20 years. Not too long after that, I got fired. IT WAS A BLESSING. The very same day, I went straight to the competition and 9 short days later, I was hired and MAKING MORE MONEY. I even get a very large bonus every year. I NEVER got one in the past 20 years, ever.

Now almost 3 years later, I'm making very close to 5 dollars more per hour than I made when I got canned from JC. There is ZERO micromanagement here, and the managers ACTUALLY have a clue what they are doing and how to treat workers well, something that JC will never learn. You will always be a number at JC. An invaluable number, no matter how many years you work there.

But look on the bright side! I made it, and so can you! Go out there and work for a better company. Put your skills and knowledge to much better use at a place that will appreciate you. Good luck!

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I started here recently omg even with the reorg the micromanagement only got worse it sounds like. Maybe I should hope ship even though it's only been 6 months.

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The biggest joke about these big layoffs is that the executive team acted like forcing almost all employees to take a 1 or 2 week furlough was the "responsible" thing to do during the start of Covid. And would prevent them from having to do mass layoffs. And then a couple of months later they do them anyway( and even bigger than at most companies not doing as well) to prevent the stock price from dipping too much.
This company is still making money. Businesses are re-opening and they are deemed "critical and essential" because they do HVAC and Fire protection. They are just using Covid-19 as an excuse to do what they were already going to do. The process has just been accelerated because now they have a built in excuse.

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They are horrible in the management side of the business not the managers but the tools the firm has implemented Sales Force Dot Com and Spread Sheets
Managers manage programs not staff

I recent left on my own but I could tell after the furlough and announcement of 401k being eliminated there was trouble deep within that the rank and file would not hear about

Glad I got out on my own decision with another job

Adios big blue

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