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More fired last week

For awareness and accountability (if there's anyone in this company left who cares about such things) Web fired more people last week.
COVID has done a number on the bottom line and so, like always, Web gets rid of people actually doing work.

Hey Web, maybe the execs and VPs can take a salary cut next time. A lot of bloat there.

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Glad to see this happen the smart people left a long time ago. hell I helped several of them jump ship. place was a POS place and HR would tell you during welcome aboard call. Hope Tracy is starving, facing foreclosure, and has covid!! Told fools this was going to happen when they got " green mailed" by the activist investors in 2015. too stupid and cheap to join 21st century technology 20 yrs in the century to be able to allow people to work remote. The midget former owner is over in ponte vedra laughing while rome burns.

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Extremely hypothetic management group for, as well as middle-level management. Evil and stupid people stay, good ones are let go. Evil and stupid ones try every best to let good one leave, or else they will feel their authority is challenged. They try every way to prove that they are "right", and use every possible unfair way, include abuse of power, to threatening people who disagree with them, but people who disagree with them, is just because they are too stupid to make right decision, so objectively, people with common intellegence will disagree with them. Some middle lever leader, always assign tasks that they themselves not know how to resolve, to others, so that they can avoid the responsbility and the hardship. And when people resolve the hard issue, they will act as if they themselves contribute to solve the issue, and grab the credit. Bullying is very common, in some team lead by Argentina guys. Kind of Argentina dictateship culture, bully other team members from USA and Canada where respect independent free will, it is wired and never fair. Totally do not care right or wrong, just let anyone who is better than them to leave.

Some Argentina team leaders, never try to resolve real issue, and do not allow other who are able to resolve the issue as well. They can not allow anyone who can resolve something they themselves with a stupid IQ can not resolve. And they intentionally let some problem keep un-resolved, so that they can practice as if they are very diligent and even work during weekends.

Some product owner, very stupid, knowing nothing, act as if have very positive attitude, but keeps on make stupid decisions. Always let people who really make contribution to disappoint. Not even have a basic intellegence to make correct decisions.

International team and collabration is just a joke, they just get the worst culture to replace the good ones, the dictateship Argentina and India culture, to replace North American culture.

Several guys from India and Argentina, try every way to let people who are better than them, to leave. Also, the management group, the lady who always telling during the employee group meeting, will not lay-off employee, is just a liar.

Some of them, deserve to go to hell, directly.

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More let go as of Aug 1, unless you are including them. No medical is the worst thing. Wish the clinic was open .

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