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More COR retail store closures?

I know more layoffs are coming but does anyone know if there will be more COR retail locations closing?

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They will definitely close many more stores, the goal for the past 5-6 years has been to get AR trained, integrated into ATT inventory etc and sell stores to AR and close any that aren’t sold. They’ll keep high profit and Flagship locations. Not a conspiracy theory- just facts. The ones they just closed were already slated for closure, but got accelerated using COVID as the reason, oh...and “the new way customers prefer to shop”. A location near me that just closed had a rent of over $30,000. per month, figure in 7 employees, upkeep, merchandise etc and with store traffic down everywhere, the company is losing money. They put stores practically on top of each other and surround COR locations with AR stores, meaning less revenue per location. If you are in a location with no stores anywhere near you, I’d say you’re probably good. If you’ve got AR and other COR stores near you and you’re only putting out 100-300 opps per month, I’d start preparing. Hey- I could be totally wrong, I hope I am- but sad to say I really think this is just the beginning. Best of luck.

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Should all close down have had two ppl I know get the virus just this past week and a half that works in a retail store and management informed them if they speak out about it they would be fired!! What the heck

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