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The goal is to eliminate higher paid employees

THE ANSWER HERE IS a SAD but obvious ploy to eliminate long term older people and / or higher paid people... and in my department primarily men over 40. The sad part is to get it under the cover of Covid 19 as well as under cover of age discrimination and wrongful termination, they had to also select other innocent bystanders that were under that magical age of lower income people. You were not part of the managements "inner circle" and sadly I was one of the others. In my particular department ... the jobs that were "eliminated" are posted again . . . I doubt this is "technically" OK, but they have always done business in an unethical way. I know that I have decided that I will no longer do business with them and will encourage my friends and family away from the local d—s and all I can across the country. They will ultimately reap what they sow as this type of leadership and disrespectful behavior is always ultimately reflected to customers as well.

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All corporations find excuses to lay off older high paid employees. Nothing new. Don't get mad, get even. You obviously are talented if you rose to the point of being a higher-paid older employee. Prove to them they made a mistake. There are corporations that will hire your experience. But better yet, don't let corporations dictate your future. Start a consultancy business. Many businesses would rather pay a high rate to a consultant for their experience than deal with complications of an employee relationship. You can't layoff yourself :-). Instead of investing 8 hours a day in someone else's business, invest 8 hours a day in your own business. Something to think about.

Personally, I almost welcomed the walking papers. I just don't believe the company will beat Amazon. Amazon has far more resources and talent. I now see Amazon offers try it before you buy. d—s can't compete with that. Look at all the complaints on Twitter about dealing with d—s Sporting Goods to just get something they ordered nevermind trying to return something they ordered. Amazon will win. Just be happy you got a lifeboat on the Titanic :-). Those that are left at d—s probably won't get one.

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