Thread regarding Lenovo layoffs

Leave Lenovo

Leave Lenovo the first chance you get.
The pain will only continue to get worse.

I have a wonderful, stable job now.
I am respected and rewarded and I wish the best
for you.

You have to understand the work environment
Is terrible and will never change at Lenovo.

Pick 10 target companies and start interviewing.
Even in these difficult times organizations are hiring.

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If you are still at Lenovo, here is a big suggestion. Start looking for another job. Lenovo is going to let you go very soon, no matter what they tell you.

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This post says it all. Lenovo is a toxic sweatshop led by lying, manipulative, psychopathic corporate clowns. No accountability, integrity, or compassion – unless someone with power is watching. There is so much better out there, folks. Don't settle for this place. Don't be afraid to go somewhere else.

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DCG really did me a big favor by walking me out last year. Looking back, it is very odd how I was lulled into working for an unprofitable business unit for years. It's pretty simple: don't waste your time and talent on a business that cannot turn a profit year after year. Regardless of what lies are being told by the "leadership", if your business unit fails its "performance review" two years running, YOU need to fire THEM.

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I couldn't agree more. If you were laid off, your new job is finding one. If you are at Lenovo, you are slightly better than those let go. You have to consider your employment as contract work. They have no loyalty in you, so no loyalty back. Interview, network, reach out to colleagues that have left. Do what ever you have to to find a real opportunity. Lenovo is not worth your health, well being, positivity.

After I was let go, I asked myself a simple question: was my life worth it for Lenovo? The answer was an emphatic no. Don't let them s— the life out of you. Enjoy your life, don't work more than 40 hours, take as much vacation as you can, do everything you can to find a new job and much better job.

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