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Cognizant managers skillset is zero

Why Cognizant I's entertaining managers . irrespective of their bucket they should be laid off .what value there are adding ?

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Bro . problem is that position itself is like that being a Services company. You cannot take that position off unless you have a highly skilled and independent team members working there for years. But, you are not services company if you have such a team, better join some govt org.

Service companies do need Managers and their typical work is above Clerical job with a bit of technology. After all, whoever joins as freshers do have dream to become Manager within 5 years .. so blame manager or fresher ?

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they just sit somewhere and give rating not knowing abs the associate performance and if they have a personal grudge they will give u ms . also they r technically zero and show some work although they relax and don't do any work and get it done somehow, associates are the ones who slog at clients site

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Sad part if if you have a team of 8
1 gets higher band
1 gets middle
6 have to be in 3rd and 4th.

If you push for 2 or more , sr manager will force it on you. Some even say that’s the managers skill , he should come up with justification.

That is why always make sure to hire people that are not good, so easy to justify. Sad relaity

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