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HyVee going public???

Ok, HyVee insists - that they aren’t for sale or going bankrupt. Could they be preparing to take HyVee stock public in an IPO (Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange)???

Mr. Edeker and many of the Board members are most likely at the age where they are planning their exit from HyVee and their retirement. What better way than to take the company public - they get their “golden parachute” and can live carefree and unencumbered.

Remember the big meeting where certain members of store upper management were called to Des Moines and given their marching orders? What were they told - and what were they promised in exchange for going back to their individual stores to sacrifice the underlings in the name of shoring up the bottom line?

Of interest here also is the large number of 15, 20, 25, 30 year employees who were given the axe. Could it be that reducing the number of employees with that kinda seniority would effectively create a much larger potential “pot” to divvy up with a lot fewer individuals eligible to share it once the deal is done?

Some longtime employees were “allowed to retire” - did they unknowingly sign away their rights to something better they had no idea was in the offing? I have been told of a 15 year, full time employee with benefits who was told he/she would now be part time only with no benefits. And then had to sign a document saying that they understood that they had to go to part time under those conditions and that once you signed there was “no going back” to full time. This individual signed under duress knowing that in order to survive short term it was necessary to have even some part time hours until he/she could get on their feet again. I have been shown a copy of this document so this is not second hand info. It was shocking.

Do i know what HyVee is up to? I absolutely do not - but there are people who do know and my guess is that they are keeping silent because of what they were promised if they followed the directions they were given.

There have been a number of comments here made obviously by people who “know something” but maybe not everything is my guess. These individuals come off as self-righteous, blow hard shamers who post just enough to make everyone think they are important. They may have been tipped off by someone who does know something - its human nature, if certain people know something that others might not know sometimes their loose lips get the better of them. Once that happens it raises suspicions in the rest of us.

I hope everyone involved in the callous ruination of the lives of others at such an inopportune time can sleep at night.

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Lol. Hyvee probably just had one of the best quarters in the last 20 years. Sorry what happened to those right before this pandemic, it is sad. But it appears it was a good business decision. In fact, They probably waited too long. Other retailers were firing people years ago. And now hyvee and most of those company’s are thriving. Also, I feel bad for everyone affected but I know for a fact a lot of the people let go earlier this year worked Monday-Friday each week or did whatever the hell they wanted because they were “used to it”. Why they didn’t see the writing on the wall Is beyond me. Getting paid over $20 an hour to work Monday- Friday and do whatever you want in retail is just silly. Hope you all found jobs and accepted reality.

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That was VERY INFORMATIVE “Mr. Cut & Paste” - but shouldn’t you be WORKING instead of TROLLING... or IS THAT YOUR JOB??? Maybe you will be a little more talkative once you get YOUR pink slip - until then, please make sure to turn off the lights at CORPORATE on your way out each evening. Gotta save $$$ where you can!

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“Do I know what Hy-Vee is up to - I absolutely do not”.

Well, that’s quite clear.

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Bankruptcy once the covid is over. Hy-Vee will go back to fires more employees once the covid is over. Your jobs will be safe for now but once the rona ends most of your jobs will be End. New year at this time HyVee won’t hy vee store directors. If they can make them take huge pay cuts they will have no problem doing the same to the employees.

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