Thread regarding ARM Holdings PLC ADS layoffs

Yet another reshuffle at the Executive level

So the CMO is out, apparently of her own choice, the same week the new CTO is also announced, seems more of a PR move considering the Bangalore office is a complete toxic hellhole.

The CMO was responsible for risc-v facts website, and also took over the CIO role after the sacking of the former head as punishment for her poor PR campaign. Some considered it a promotion but considering the IT systems are falling apart this is just more from the sh–show that is ARM in Softbank's ownership. Either way its a public anecdote of someone "failing up". Softbank seems to love rewarding imcompetence if their WeWork strategy is anything to go by.

Also, the whole situation with ARM China was a public embrassment for the company, who is actually in charge who knows? Tune in next week to find out!

And what is the executive committee saying in all this? Turns out they support BLM and give us a day off so we will ignore their c-ap.

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