Thread regarding ARM Holdings PLC ADS layoffs

Precursor for layoffs today

Expect a lot of "we need to make tough choices" in the company all-hands today. Any criticism of political narratives adopted by senior leadership will put a black mark on your profile (even if you ask anonymously on Zoom, it's not anonymous to the company). Any questions regarding the Chinese venture will also not be appreciated.

This is a pre-cursor for layoffs and pushing more engineering work out east and replacing many engineers with graduates, same as 2 years ago.

The company is no longer making decisions internally, the senior executives are all part of a wider cabal of Silicon Valley tech moguls trying to leverage their power at the cost of careers and even revenue. Some big names hold sway over many smaller companies and expect them to fall in line. Especially since its a US election year.

Sadly Mr Segars has bowed to this nonsense.

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You can be sure that you don't work here anymore if you get a special invitation to an offsite meeting on Monday...

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Even simon seemed anxious today. Doubly so Rene

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So true. When you think how eagerly the leadership pushed the ISG agenda just a year ago and recruited lots of people, the lack of foresight is astonishing. Now many of these people will have to go.
It’s all about IPO. Arm became a typical Silicon Valley company full of hypocrites who don’t give a s*** about people.

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