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Worked there a while back - terrible environment and management. I heard the head guy got canned as well as two VPs - any truth to that? Any other reductions?

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@Company Man: Which division do you work in?

I work in Global Products and there have been layoffs nearly once per quarter starting Sept 2019. I don’t know the exact numbers. I agree that things are disorganized. No one knows who is responsible for which decisions. So in the end product quality is poor and when a product does go out the door, it’s a total miss of what the end customer actually needed.

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Yes. The Milwaukee location is starting to feel like a chop shop in many areas. It's a revolving door of layoffs and people quitting. Except now its just people leaving and nobody new coming in.
There are a lot of teams that badly need to rebuild and hire new people but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
I would wager that they will continue to dismantle certain areas slowly rather than rebuild them.
It's a sad situation.

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160 people were laid off overall at the Milwaukee site. Which is a lot considering Milwaukee is supposed to be one of the bigger central locations. This company is trying to do more with less but it is becoming very stressful and unmanageable. You can only cut so many employees and expect to deliver a quality level of service. JCI has laid off way too many people as if their work won't be missed. It just gets dumped on someone else who will eventually get burned out. There is no end right now in sight to the hiring freeze.
Taking a job at JCI was a giant mistake. I was only at the company a few months and then Covid hit and I have been working from home ever since.
I never received the training I should have received. Now due to layoffs I have taken on more extra work than I can handle. I am being thrown into very stressful situations with clients I have not been prepared for. I inherited a disorganized mess and now I get blamed for things that occurred even before I started with the company because I am the primary contact point.
The company is extremely disorganized, with poor communication between the different JCI locations and with clients also.
The culture is just very rude. Lots of email chains going around where people are angry but don't really understand where to place blame due to the turnover and inconsistency. You have to be very pro-active about learning your job...the training was as minimal as it could possibly be.
I actually have a sour feeling in my stomach when I login in the morning and have no idea what a "good day" would be there because I don't have any.
I was actually disappointed when we had an impromptu team meeting recently that I was not being let go despite it being a tough time to look for work. It would have been a relief in many ways.
I have already updated the resume and am looking even though that is the very last thing I feel like doing after a long, stressful day there. Maybe other people have had different experiences there but this has been mine and it has been extremely disappointing in every way. My worst experience by far after 15 years working in corporate America.

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