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Anyone else notice that managment, employees and customers over the past couple weeks have been in the sh--tiest moods?

At my store my coworkers and myself have stopped caring. We have a constant influx of customers and yet we are alway short staffed and having manangment to do more, more , and more or we're getting written up. We're not a nice to customers as we used to be and as a result multitple customers have already complained that we're rude and they're never coming back. Managers also never respond for over rides. It's even worse for the closing staff.

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I agree with the last post. Our store has had five cases mostly supervisors. The rest of management is taking advantage if 2 weeks of for quarantine. Its ridiculous because if not on camera your not around them!

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Welcome to the "new" Lowe's. This is what you get when you cut the stores to the bone and keep piling in customers non-stop. Insufficient staff with pathetic scheduling, management & senior staff putting out dumpster fires all day, 3rd party delivery issues, inventory issues, systems issues, and add to all that the stress of a global pandemic. Sadly our customers have very few places where they can go to spend money. Most business in my state are permitted to be open at this point but very few are as they simply aren't seeing enough customers to make it worth their time. Based on what is currently happening in my state I don't expect any of it to improve any time soon. Good luck to us all.

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forcing everyone to wear mask in 90+ degree weather.....

globalist funded race wars....

destroying the economy and everything people enjoy during the summer over a virus with a 99.74% recovery rate and a statistical death rate of 0% for those under 45 years old....

not a lowes issue.....people are literally breaking down mentally.....s–c-de amongst all age ranges has skyrocketed since the lockdowns....anti-depressant usage, ditto.

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