Thread regarding Hy-Vee layoffs

How are you doing?

A lot (including a world-wide pandemic) has gone on since the layoffs/job cuts/reassignments at HyVee in mid-March.

It may not change much to talk about it, but just wondering how everyone is doing? Have you found new jobs? If not, how are you getting by? Sometimes it helps to hear how others are doing or get their thoughts and ideas when it’s hard to think of your own right now.

Are you able to find ways to help other fellow workers in the same boat right now, if so please share?

Did you lose your job entirely? Were you once full-time with benefits but now find yourself part-time with so few hours you wonder how you will make it? How are you managing not knowing how many hours a week to plan into your budget? What about health insurance?

If you are still working part-time at HyVee and have managed to find another part-time job to make ends meet, how cooperative is HyVee about allowing you to plan your schedule to accommodate both jobs?

Just wondering how others are doing. Good, bad, or indifferent please tell your story.

Nobody needs bashing, so those who want to blame others for their own job loss - please refrain. Everybody feels bad enough as it is and in many cases have been made to feel like they did something wrong even if they didn’t. A lot of good people with many years in at the stores have lost their livelihoods. And no, many of them were not making $15-$20/hour just to set the record straight.

Please let us know how you are...

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I am so sorry and heartbroken to hear how badly and cruelly you were treated. As if it wasn't enough to deal with that you have lost your job - it is unconscionable that the person who terminated you took the opportunity to kick you while you were down as though he got special jollys out of your misery. That is ONE SICK INDIVIDUAL. I am so sorry.

The sharks are out. Is it any wonder that the privileged and heartless attitude at the top of the organization runs all the way down to individual store management. Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise - but it is and it’s shocking and humiliating to those on the receiving end who suddenly find themselves in the position of having no choices in a split second and little hope of any recourse for what they have suffered.

Undoubtedly there are many more stories like yours out there. Thank you for the courage to share yours. Maybe you have started something very important by shedding light on the darkness. You are not alone.

Am hearing about individuals who lost their jobs in March finally being able to move on to new jobs. There is hope, but when you are the one at home trying to move on with financial stresses piling up its hard to take that idea into your heart and make it your own.

You have suffered a terrible tragedy, but you ARE NOT THE TRAGEDY so please do not let it define you. You know your worth, so do your very best to “sell yourself” every day by applying for new jobs (whether you feel like it or not). It’s easy to get stuck in the misery but push yourself for your sake and your family’s sake. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT A GREAT WORKER YOU ARE no matter how TIM tried his best to tear you down. I wish you well and pray that the light of God’s favor will shine upon you as you regroup and make your best efforts to move on. You don’t deserve what happened. Neither did anyone else.

The sharks will start feeding on each other soon. Those tasked to do the dirty work may eventually become the prey as well. There is no guarantee of this, but at least it’s a possibility.

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I worked for Hy-Vee for 26 years. Fired without notice. I no longer have a 401k because I needed the money to pay bills. I lost my job on my son’s birthday. May 22. Been depressed and not able to find work. I will never shop Hy-Vee ever again. The man that fired me was named Tim. He told me I needed to look in the mirror at my face and think about how I look to the customers. My face!!! I was fired over my face! I was wearing a mask! I do you see my face? This man is evil. He needs a wake up call ASAP! He is rude and thinks he is better than everyone else. I would like to see him fired.

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