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Bank run or bank closing

I received a letter from USAA that disturbed me as a client. It states that now the bank will hold my money for up to five (5) days before they “let” me have it! Really. 🤔 I think that you forgot that you earn capital off my money and off each transaction that occurs on my account. I have a checking, savings, auto insurance, rental insurance and a financed loan with you in addition to ten (10) years loyalty. I’ve never missed a payment in all those years and I’ve never overdrawn. So, please, explain to me, exactly how you think that you have the right to to choose when you will “give” my auto deposit to me? Guess what. Yes, that’s correct. I’m bank shopping.
Oh, and USAA is currently in the process of also selling off all of their assets to Schwab. In addition, there is a little, itty bity hidden link that actually leads you to Schwab, and not just for investments. Further, USAA has now started a new recording on their automation that now states “ this is an attempt to collect a debt. If you owe a debt this is an attempt to collect that debt. If you are in bankruptcy or other proceedings, this is an attempt to collect a debt.” Yep. Great greeting USAA. Can you say go fu** yourself.

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