Thread regarding Varian Inc. layoffs

Two rounds of layoffs and an expectation of a 3rd late this year

Varian has completed the second round of same-day layoffs where hundreds of contingent and seasoned employees, some 20 years tenure, others, less than a year, were dismissed.

These layoffs came as a shock to many people. Those laid off were given no notice. It is unknown if any severance was provided.

There has been some discussion that there will be 800 - 1000 employees laid off by year-end but this is unsubstantiated at this time.

Varian has committed itself to reduce expenses across the board. They've done so by mandating PPL of 15 days for 2020, cutting 401k matching, profit sharing, and other benefits, This is in their overall attempts to weather the storm of COVID-19 and a reduction of revenue. Varian is doing the best it can.

All the move to save people's jobs is unfortunately not reducing anxiety levels and impactful, results-oriented, and educated individuals from leaving. This is in part due to the dismissal of tenured

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