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Microsoft isn’t being vocal about the company’s overall reorg and thus far CEO Satya Nadella has yet to issue his usually dreaded company-wide summer email discussing substantial layoffs.

Microsoft isn’t planning any significant layoffs this fiscal reorg...

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No, just positive attrition......
Get back to you daily meditation....or medication

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Agree with @usc below - there is no way he'll make a large annoucement - there will be smaller cuts trickling in.

They nuked dozens over on the MSN side this week, so, there is your announcement...

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There's no way they'll make any large layoffs abruptly as they've done in the past and they've already been cutting folks ~slowly~ since May. Trickling layoffs out over time allows them to remain free of any potential bad press from contributing to the unemployment problem in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.

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