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How are you responding here?

I'm struggling with these lawsuits. When I speak to our C-Suite folks individually logic and reason really does hold up, they understand our value prop why IA makes sense but there's always someone in the legal dept or provost office who pushes back.

The "risk" of IA seems to be outweighing the benefits to both students and faculty.

How are you handling this?

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IA or PIA as Pearson first called it....may well bring the end of sales reps as we know it. I can see sales reps finding their positions eliminated and that's not a dig at Pearson...that's universal. Lock em into your product with a long term contract and the rep has no work to do as a revenue generator.

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As a rep I initiate new IA contracts at schools, close IA business, track it, manage it, and support it.
While my EDS sits by the pool having c—tails and and joins conference calls. Maybe the EDS should help with sales since I have my hands full?

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Inclusive Access itself is a fantastic program that benefits all involved, including the publishers.

Inclusive Access with PEARSON and one other company is suspect at best, and that is the reason behind these class-action suits. As usual, Pearson gets greedy and does not offer the program the way it is intended to be offered. No surprise there.

These are only class-actions suits however and they are limited to one state, so there is little danger of the IA program faltering at the national level because of this.

As for Pearson, well that is always a whole other story . . .

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I’m handling it by keeping my fingers crossed that the lawsuits will end IA. It is a huge time s— for sales and finance with no financial gain. IA is a ploy to keep bookstores open and saves students very little money. The amount of money Pearson spends on IA should be spent on creating great products and pass the IA price on directly to the student.

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