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To those that got laid off...stay positive!!!

I know what you are going through. I went through it last year myself. My personality has never been able to process change like that well and filled with a lot of unnecessary negative thoughts. You WILL find work again. This layoff IS NOT YOUR fault. Use this as a lesson that your life is not dictated by your employer. Your mental and physical health are far more important.

The culture at Lenovo is to have an authoritarian role. If you are not brown-nosing your manager and he/she not brown-nosing the way up, you are pretty much useless to them. It doesn't matter how successful, dedicated, efficient, and responsive you are. If you are not blowing sunshine up their rear, you are simply an expense. Remember are never treated as a person, only an EXPENSE. And if you want to truly see what they are paying you in severance, look at that UNVESTED number in netbenefits for FHA. For many, that will cover most of what it will cost them. In other words, Lenovo is using YOUR money to get rid of you.

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Narcissistic clowns. Some execs think they are gods and the way they treat and talk to people is just terrible and unacceptable. I couldn't continue to put up with that level of narcissism and ill-treatment so I left. It's just amazing how they get away with it... if you treat people poorly and talk like an authoritarian then it's looked at as a sign of leadership....terrible place.

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