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Deloitte to lay-off due to Covid-19

Deloitte Tax told employees that there would at least a 5% headcount reduction starting next week. So Deloitte with all the talk about taking care of their people, caring about the community and the wellness of their people — chose profit margins instead of caring about people. With 22 billion in profits last year they could have been a company to be admired — but instead they are just like the rest. Greedy. I hope the Patners enjoy their profits this year as they destroy lives by sending people into this economy and job market.

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Do you think anyone even ran scenarios for cutting hours and furloughs at reduced rates?

The contrast between the earlier all-hands and the here-comes-the-axe calls were redic.

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Deloitte Tax Chairman and CEO Steve Kimble said during the all-tax-hands-call on Friday that, “Though lower than our projections, Tax has had record growth once again this year thanks to your hard work. We have new proposals in the pipeline and expect good growth next year as well.”

They continue to grow with a plan to lay-off work force? This is just one more example that Deloitte Partners are more concerned about their profit margins than the employees that do the work.

I hope that those employees left will have a mass exodus when the pandemic is over. I feel bad for those losing their job when the job market is so scarce.

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