Thread regarding Tangoe Inc. layoffs

Tangoe is threatening to remove the health benefits from an employee getting cancer treatments

I have worked for Tangoe for numerous years. In November 2019, I was diagnosed with a blood cancer that is quite serious. I am taking chemotherapy at home, and trying to gear up for a stem cell transplant. These constant health insurance challenges has been extremely stressful, and are affecting my health. Prior to perhaps March/April, we had one woman contact at HR. When she woked there, people who needed to take FMLA or STD were not bothered for insurance premiums, and they would be taken out once returned to work. We received no notice abt this chang received zero information about anything to do with my company. I simply received a phone call yesterday, 5/29/20, from the new Corporate HR person. She said "you know you owe us $2900 dollars, right?"
I proceeded to tell her, Amy, what I knew the policy to be. She said it was changed. However, none of the people work there that I spoke to, stated they didn't know the policy changed, and there was no corporate communication. I am clearly disabled, and am about to file for disability practice. I started to tell Amy about my condition and she said she didn't want to hear, it made her job harder. Per the American Disabilities Act, Amendment of 2008. It covers "disability of body and mind such as the functions of the Immune System." My Immune System is pretty shot as I've been on chemo since 12/19 - with the intent of lowering my immune system to be more ready for a stem cell transplant. I have applied some pressure to trying to get my claims processed more quickly. It's quite curious that a couple days later, Amy calls me with this information. ANY assistance from you would be helpful - my greatest fear is I lose my health insurance, and that would be that. I couldn't not continue my chemotherapy, or looking into a transplant. I would be weeks away from possibly dying. Please help!!!

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