Thread regarding Windstream Corp. layoffs

April 2020 - Monthly Operating Report for Windstream Holdings, Inc.

$348M in the bank
$398M in revenue
$61M in goodwill

$106M paid to bankruptcy attys YTD

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Plus the last round of layoffs eliminated some of the positions that were turning up new sdwan customers and we are supposed to be numero uno at sdwan!! I guess they’ve “upgraded” all the existing EarthLink customers? Where’s all the work that’s supposedly being queued up??

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It doesn’t matter if they eliminate the debt. Customers are leaving faster than they can add new ones. Final Countdown

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Once again projections are not looking good for the first half of the year. There is another round of layoffs planned in the next few weeks for sure.

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We dropped from $454M in the bank to $348M from March to April.
I guess we burned through another $107M this month. This is setting
up for another really bad trend. February we ended with 161 (561 with revolver), March 454, and now 348 in April.

For those of us who are playing Fisher Price My first MBA kit at home this is what things look like
Projections for the next few months:
May - $241
June - $134
July - $27
August - ? (complete chapter 11)
September - PROFIT!

Any other financial wizards out there that can figure out how we turn things around?

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