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OK so maybe this "transformation" business can sell....cryptocurrency to stay relevant?

If interested in how leaders (cough cough ahem) transform dying businesses in the long and slow decline stage with hip tech buzzwords like "cryptocurrency," read on.

Found non US press on this Kodak-Spotlite deal that wasn't really a deal but Kodak said it was serious before the SEC blocked it all and critics asked "WTF"?

It's from an Australian site I do believe. Hardly US biased (yes, they are a US ally, but their press is a tad less biased Down Under).

Same thing. Kodak was just trying to license the iconic brand name by hitching it to some modern, more high tech sounding...



Except that in the end, it didn't really get licensed.

Because the SEC blocked it.

Any bets as to why their former CEO stepped away and became interim CEO for a flower company?

How about just bringing the cryptocurrency idea over to flowers. I mean, why not? Film and crypto, flowers and crypto. Such obvious product similarities.

I hope my WTF doesn't get this banned, but really, what was the Kodak crew thinking? And even more importantly, why would a flower company be like "Yeah, let's bring that convoluted thinking over here!"


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To add some more

Just how on Earth do you democratize photography by offering this high tech blockchain thing to "accredited investors"?

That's like saying you believe private equity funds should be brought to the masses, most of whom do not qualify as accredited investors.

It's pure baloney.

Is this what these guys learn in MBA programs? How to talk out of both sides of their mouths?

Anything think America needs more women running companies? For a change?

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Just to add

Who'd a thunk that decades after Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard, someone would be trying to hitch a brand to this crypto phenom?

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