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The Famous Month of May

Come on ladies and gentlemen¡! You should know by now that MAY is the month when IBM and LENOVO make their cuts, ALWAYS. That's always been the case. Stop crying. You knew a long time ago thay you will be on the chopping board at some point. Now that you got cut, let's talk about what will happen.

The Good News:

  1. Be thankful that you worked for a great company for many years and were able to put food on the table. So, be thankful and stop bashing and craying.
  2. You will not believe you got cut.
  3. You will get your good payout.
  4. You will eventually find a job and get paid more.

The Bad News:

  1. You will go through phases. Depression and then into Great Recession as you can't find a job.
  2. You will land job as a contractor and it may take between 6 - 9 months to land one.
  3. You realize that the job market is brutal. And now with this coronavirus, you will be entering a bigger big boys arena. Prepare for a 1 year on finding a job.
  4. You will be praying a lot. Trust me, you will be praying alot.

I was let go in June, 2019. It took me 6 months to find a job. And, I get pay more.

Ex IBM/LENOVO employee

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Great company. LOL
You have obviously never worked for a great company.

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You forget we have all that stock! I'll just look at this sweet Lenovo stock I've been buying and....what the???

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Any chance someone would be able to post a copy of the notification letter Lenovo provided when they were let go? Interested in how they present it.

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The id–t King would tell the AE/SE sales community to ask questions and listen, be curious. This man was a failure at every job he had and was a narcissistic t–d. He never had a sales role in his life but he teaches people how to sell. Lenovo got rid of the top talent on this round. The channel is supposed to now bring the skills to the table. Good luck with that.

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The real revenge will happen as this and other publicly-traded companies continue to cut top talent because they "cost too much" in favor of younger/cheaper talent. New hires need time to onboard, learn and perform. In a technical role, new hires straight out of college will not do near the job that seasoned professionals of many years do. This short-sighted approach will continue to hurt companies like Lenovo because of poor leadership, bean-counting approach to running a company, and spineless yes-men in charge. Those left over will have increasing pressure to perform until they reach a breaking point or are let go themselves.

Lenovo is extremely top-heavy and has too many overpaid executives trying to protect their fiefdoms rather than work together to advance the company and make better products. It's much more about politics and looking important than people working together. This has been going on in many industries for decades. Healthcare is a notable one that I have personally witnessed. It is not a sustainable business approach, it makes the company fragile and inflexible to change, and will ultimately, after some time, fail.

I left this company for many reasons. Being overworked and underpaid was one. Being treated like a child and a disposable slave was another. Calling management out on their bullsh!t just to have them posture excuses and lie to my face as to why they did some of the things they did - icing on the cake. There is a general lack of integrity and lack of empathy toward people at Lenovo. I personally went through mental health issues due to this and saw many of my colleagues go through the same. It's sad to see how people just got used to the treatment and think that this was the best they could do.

Depending on your background, you may have trouble finding a new job, but there is MUCH better out there. Don't give up, don't quit. Find training if you need it. Reach out on LinkedIn.

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It makes no difference your performance. You will eventually be fired (laid off).
It is far cheaper to hire the young or in a low wage country.

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Being I was a top seller for several years it was a shock. Looks like they were going after top earning individuals.

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