Thread regarding FTD layoffs

Could FTD realistically survive?

In the few years I was there ftd

  1. bought a building downtown and only used 60% of it
  2. went thru a few ceos rob, Wal, Scot
  3. had layoffs every year
  4. stockwent from 30 to delisted
  5. when i told previous people who worked at FTD I was a current employee they sighted and facepalmed.
  6. 3 people died in the first floor within a few months
  7. Got accused of s-xual harassment but HR said the claims where unfounded.

8 my previous manager who worked 60 hours a week was let go after going to a new department

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ftd who? Once an honor to belong to them now a disgrace and embarrassment. They sleep in the bed they made! Very unethical people, they screwed florists for years and now it's catching up to them!

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As a former employee I will say probably not.

FTD was in trouble before coronavirus hit and I’m surprised they’re still hanging on.

Not many people are going to have money for $60 floral arrangements + $20 for delivery.
Set a rangement’s will look like they’re $40 after the members get their cut, and keep complaining for more Because FTD stiffs them.

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