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Take it all away until they quit or go broke.

Apache couldn’t care less about their employees or their well beings. Many of people have busted their asses for this company and they don’t care. Not one bit. Unless you are certain people or certain contractors.

They have decided to stop paying for man camp rooms for Apache Employees with absolutely no warning. No offer of per diem, no offer of relocations. They have let go so many people that the ones of left are ran ragged yet we can’t get OT and now they are taking more money away from us. Taking trucks away from being driven home which was always allowed. That’s a lot of loss all at once. I’m sure the pay cuts are coming soon as well.

Do they want us all to quit? Are they filing bankruptcy? Are they really that broke?

We will never know because they refuse to communicate important things like this to their employees. But by all means let’s send out 15 Covid-19 emails a week.

Is Apache Management really this naive and/or cutthroat?

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Pete-I keep trying to tell everyone the same thing but no one listens to me. Great points you made.

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It’s simply another case of management’s arrogance. They could care less about the hard working, dedicated folks in the field. None of the clowns on the 15th floor have ever produced a bbl of oil or molecule of hydrocarbon or know what it takes to make that happen everyday. They are a bunch of users and takers that are decimating the corporation. The current operation leadership is so weak and scared they refuse to stand up for their people. F them all! The covid 19 emails are simply a– covering, self serving attempts to make them feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror every morning.

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I think they either don't realize that apologizing to the employees would improve morale or simply think it would be viewed as weak and something a management team "just doesn't do."

The sad truth is that the company was taken over by financial engineers. Guys who just wanted to wheel and deal and didn't really give a hoot about growing a company. Because they lack vision, it's easier for them to sell assets, at huge losses, repeatedly, until we are so small that we get bought, or the execs retire, whichever comes first. Apache is their instrument to personal financial security and success. Any feelings of service to shareholders and/or employees are long bereft among this management team. And because the other VPs and board members are all just friends of the CEO, nothing will change. I am, for one, taking massive advantage of this work-from-home (i.e. vacation) bs to build some new skills that will get me out of this dumpster fire of an industry. I occasionally feel guilty about it, but then I remember that I've wasted the first 5 years of my career at a company that's had cancer since 2016 and has been decimated willfully by its leaders.

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