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We got cheated!


At DISH, we’ve all felt the impacts. We’re working hard to make the best decisions with the information available to us. Things continue to quickly change and we’re figuring out the best ways to position both our current and future businesses for success. In addition to the changes above, we’ve made several other difficult but necessary decisions.

First, we’ve made the tough choice to further reduce our team. Many of the team members who are leaving us were based at our corporate locations in Denver, were committed to our culture and our mission, and made important contributions. We will do our best to help them through this transition.

Second, our leadership team will take pay cuts of between 10 and 30 percent for the remainder of 2020. These reductions will apply to me, our chairman, our board of directors and all of your leaders at the director level and higher.

Third, we will cancel merit increases for 2020 at all levels of the business. There will be a few limited exceptions for those who have truly distinguished themselves in an extraordinary way—not just in their performance for 2019, but also more recently in leading or supporting our business during the COVID-19 crisis. Examples include some of our IHS team members who were engaged in field activity, and a few of our facilities team members who have done a tremendous job preparing for our return to sites.

These steps help to better protect our future and save additional jobs.

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The CEO is literally Charlie's puppet. Never have I ever worked at a company that is micromanaged like DISH is. Charlie is even involved in the data to day releases in IT, unbelievable. We need to work weekends cause Charlie said so. what? Getting our as soon as I am able.

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What a cluster-f. Never was I so tired and weary of working for a company that in the end only cares about the bottom line, and has zero regard for the employees that helped make them rich. Pandemic or not, Dish has always been on the brink of disaster since their business plan never really changed. Oh sure, the dabbled in wireless years ago, but Charlie always expected everything to just fall into his lap for a song and a dance. His genuine business plan was to wait until someone needed bailed out, or someone would come begging him to help out. I'll bet the govt. is having serious second thoughts about ever letting him convince them Dish would be a viable player in the wireless industry. At best, he offers maybe a meager alternative to the higher priced sellers but the new T-mobile will likely kick his butt completely into obsolescence. If you still work there, get out while you can as it will take a miracle for him to stay afloat. About the only people who will be left with jobs are the ones handling all the Dish and Sling cancellations. Eventually Charlie will be the one ansering those calls!

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For the Dish employees who are still there, prepare to be cheated again. This time it will be out of your 100 shares of Dish stock. Charlie had said once the Boost deal goes through, those employees that qualified with the 3 year clock would receive their 100 shares.

Guess whats being pushed back on right now by Charlie? The Boost deal. He is stalling to receive a discount on the price that was agreed on during all of the SDNY hearings. I believe Charlie said something to the court like, "This deal is solid barring some situation like 9/11." You guessed it. Charlie is comparing COVID-19 to 9/11 and using the pandemic to renegotiate the deal with T-Mobile. (This is all open source info).

T-Mobile has had enough of Charlie's compulsive and endless haggling and are openly shopping Boost right now to any other potential buyers. So be prepared to either follow that carrot on a stick for the 100 shares until who-knows-when or potentially NEVER receive it because Charlie ends up losing the Boost deal. It's not that he loves playing with employees' livelihoods, it's just never even on his radar. He's half Borg.

If the Boost deal falls through, potentially he could lose bandwidth due to FCC use-it-or-lose-it deadlines and also potentially lose riding T-Mobile networks free for 7 years. If both of those were to happen, you will most likely be let go en masse.

He doesn't deserve you and the time and work you put into his company.

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More will go at the end of June when the 2nd quarter numbers roll in. 1st quarter was the highest amount of subscribers Dish has ever lost in a single quarter. Will a new record be set? Wait and see.

They should really start chipping away harder at middle management, especially in over bloated IT departments. There are a TON of post-turtles there and management that were never vetted before being hired. I'm talking falsified resumes with fake work history and fake certifications, but they s\/ck a mean pole, so it's overlooked. Dish has a problem hiring qualified people in IT as it is, so they will take what they can get and overlook actual knowledge and skills for an azz in the seat.

They are obviously trying to get middle management to leave of their own accord with the pay cuts, so don't be one of the last of the low hanging fruit to be picked and discarded. Upper management can continue to live off their options as the stock has been going up recently and is the bulk of their take home (and taxed less than salary). It's the directors and lower VP's that may regret buying that new boat or golf club membership come the end of the year. Lip service can only save your skin so much.

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"We will do our best to help them through this transition."

Really? Let's see...I'm told that I will get paid through the end of this week–so four days' of severance. I got to keep my Dish subscriber employee discount through the end of the month, but am being charged $15 for the UPS box to return the Hopper. I got screwed out of the 100 shares I was promised for the Boost/Dish merger even though I worked to make that eventually happen.

I do, however, get to keep my c-appy medical and dental benefits through the end of the month. Thanks Charlie and Erik!

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If you're employed by Dish right now and you're not looking for another job, you don't really care about your future or that of those you support.

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