Thread regarding Nordstrom layoffs

Nordstrom celebrates Fathers' Day

Did anyone else notice?

The home page is marketing to dads for Father's Day, with a banner and real photos of fathers with kids.

When I visited yesterday, a particular ethic group was conspicuously missing from the photos of the dads, for, well, reasons. Now I have checked back and of course they are over-represented. Of course they are.

I should have done the screencap yesterday and posted it on /pol/, but I was tired.

So who got the phone call late last night to OMG WTF fix the website?

I guess I should be grateful that the "moms" weren't shown as well, you know, the way advertising is these days.

Go on you clowns, call me names. Nordstrom could chop corp center in a half next week, and probably should.

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Post this on your LinkedIn page and see what responses you get

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Everyone to the Wayback Machine!

Web store 6/1:

Whoops! we forgot something. Oh sweet Jesus. Maybe they won't notice.

So on 6/2:

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Again, say it with your chest. You’re still going to get laid off blame all of the “urban” people you’d like.

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Not reddit, /pol/, jeez, at least get it right. Reddit is for the soy lib crowd.

Someone else noticed the glaring error on the site and said something – the landing page was refreshed overnight. I'm shopping enough at your online store lately that I noticed, too. Props to the web content team, who got right on it. This was no "PayPal".

And it's not my fault for noticing actual birth statistics and their consequences in the world, desu.

Will the urban riots now preclude an Anniversary Sale in August? What would that mean for you?

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Leave Bleak alone.

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Go to Reddit with your racist rhetoric. I dare you to say these things kinds of things out loud, with your name and pictures attached. You never would. People are on here to find out information about layoffs. Give us a break. Nordstrom doesn’t even uphold your same values, I know those black lives matter posts hurt your heart. You are not a large enough person to say things with your chest, go say it to your black coworkers and see how things go. You won’t be worried about layoffs, it will be nasty a firing scandal. Every sh– post you make, I comment under it.

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