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I worked in the Corporate office for over 14 years...

I worked in the Corporate office for over 14 years, furloughed in April. We were told the goal is to bring EVERYONE back- total c-ap. I don't know how many across the board were let go yesterday, but they did a great job ruining many of our lives. Yes we have been offered severance- who knows how much they are spending to ship the 20+ page document OVERNIGHT so that we can spend more money that we don't have to pay a lawyer to review it and make sure we aren't screwed again. Health benefits for a month- great, then thousands for Cobra. Interesting fact- on March 10th their stock price was $35.87. When the 'stay at home' order was announced and we had to close the doors, it dropped to $16.87 (March 18th). Two days ago, May 27 it was at $36.46. In addition, the company has almost NO debt. They are extremely Cash healthy, which is why we figured furlough wouldn't last- guess not.

To Hduebwu8263y who commented, "It looks like they are letting go older, higher paid people again." You are correct. And I am sure, based on their history, once they are 'back to normal', they will again hire 300+ people right out of college, with no experience, no loyalty to the company, and make the few veteran's train them in anticipation of their next wave of 'downsizing'.

My heart goes out to all the Store, DC, and Corporate people affected- we did not deserve this, and I only hope that all of us are able to find work at a company who appreciates good, hard working people!

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Just saw in quarterly report...two new Execs...HR and IT...each got a 500K starting bonus...well over 1M in stock grants...

When they let me go, I lost about 100K in grants....guess they needed my contribution...

Plus I read an artcle today that while Ed and Lauren " sacrificed" their salaries during this " crisis"...Ed received stock options when stock was low...his returns on that in 3 to 5 years are estimated at 31M...
Again I guess they needed all our support and sacrifice and jobs to make this happen

They should be embarrased and ashamed...

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12 years with the Company at the Corporate office... so disgusting the way they just dropped the older, higher salaried people. I was planning on retiring with them, but alas, I am a casualty of Capitalism. I also feel bad for all the under 40 year olds who were also fired so they could CYA against an age discrimination law suit. Since PA is an "at will" employment state, there really isnt anything that can be done, especially since when you sign and accept the severance, you waive all rights to future litigation. Such f—ing horseshit

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