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My last “official” day is tomorrow...

Had my call this morning. Officially laid off/separated. Was told it had nothing to do with performance issue or personnel stuff, just simply due to economic struggles at the moment.

Got 7 weeks paid, PTO payout, and a decent lump sum up front (won’t disclose the exact amount, but in the thousands). Also got to keep my benefits for two months. Have the option of keeping my Deloitte phone but not worth the hassle for me, nor do I need the phone.

My last “official” day is tomorrow, so I have two days to square away my DTE, Dnet, TOD, personal files, etc. If I find another job before my 7 weeks is up they’ll pay me a lump sum of what’s left and release me officially.

Sounds like most of my team was released based on the litany of texts and emails. We had a round of layoffs a month or so ago that I was led to believe was supposed to prevent further layoffs but here we are. No ill will towards Deloitte.

Hope that someday my path brings me back here as I have almost nothing but good things to say about how I was treated throughout my career there. Going to take a week or two to relax and lick my wounds and then get back out there. I know it’s going to be tough to find a job with the mass unemployment, low economy, and layoffs going around. But I’ll survive.

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Sorry this happened to you. Being out of work is always a big blow. I was let go five months ago, and am still looking for something else. But, as my crusty father in law always (rightfully) says, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

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