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Qualcomm Boss- Insulting me in the meeting

My boss insulted me saying that I am talking like high school kid though I have doctorate. I felt really insulted but could not react immediately as I was gone to frozen mood.
I did not believe Qualcomm has such bosses . Where should I report ? Or just leave it and look for other place to work

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  • 1. Test your ability under no resources to finish your assignments
  1. Work hard but no credit
  2. Managers who don't care about you and your career
  3. No communications
  4. Your questions to others lead to your bad review
  5. Extra long hours, poor work life balance
  6. Bias managers, they don't listen
  7. Not up front people inside, if you are not good at politics, you will be done soon
  8. Extra high bar for promotion if you are not political right
  9. Extreme low bar for layoff if you are not political right
  10. Under pay but heavy work loading
  11. People look like helpful in front of you but will give you bad review after


  1. "MAYBE" a stepping stone if you have no other choice
  2. Free soda? Bad for your health
  3. Free dinner? Lead to your bad review
  4. . You get the name on you, but only you know the truth
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It is typical Qualcomm, Mike Campbell used to scream like a little b–ch in each meeting.

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MDM DV Sr DIRECTOR is c-ap stay away from him

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If you are not a low life Indian than you are f**ked as you enter through the door of Qualcomm
FYI you probably thought you were getting employed by an American company. Not so. It’s under Indian ownership.

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Were you talking like a high school kid? You're certainly reacting like a high school kid ...

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Its a test! If you ignore his insults and keep licking his feet you would be spared and promoted.. Good luck

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Is the doctorate from an accredited high school? Couldnt resist lol.

My brother has PhD from UC Berkeley. It doesnt preclude him from being called out for being childish. R u any different? In other words, I dont see the connection to doctorate in this matter.

What you said in the meeting is the only relevant fact to evaluate in the matter.

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He's probably telling you that for your own good. Don't be so sensitive and don't go to HR. There are much worse bosses out there. He's probably not even all that bad.

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@OP: I am a PhD holder as well and I have years of industrial experience. Situations similar to this unacceptable behavior happened to me as well during my early years at Qcom. It came from the tech lead, not from my manager, who was always rude and condescending. At that time I didn't know why this person was targeting me, I was always pleasant to him. I tried to be always nice and professional while dealing with him hoping my actions would make him change, but I was mistaken. I also was on H1B visa at that time so I didn't want to cause a lot of trouble to myself and lose my status. We all know how tricky and miserable being on H1B visa status. That tech lead knew my visa status as well and gave him more power over me. He was on H1B visa himself at some point. Fast forward I left that group because things just kept getting worse. I heard that the same tech lead found another target after I left who was also a PhD holder on H1B visa. Someone told us that tech lead attempted to get his PhD a while ago but he failed so he was so envious of anyone with PhD. That explained a lot.

Anyways, here is what I think you should do:

  1. If you are on H1B visa then s— it up till you find another job and try to avoid that manager. Don't be fool and expect things to get better if you do a great job and become nicer to him. He will just treat you more poorly and you will become his little beach.
  1. Don't go to the HR, it is a big mistake that I did. I repeat DON'T go to the HR. They are not there to protect you, HR people are not your friends, their job is to protect the company from lawsuit. What HR would do is comforting you while talking to your manager behind your back to prepare to kick you out blindsided.
  1. If you are a permanent resident or US citizen then I would say fight back and kick that SOB in the balls in front of everybody. Collect as much information as you can to protect yourself and use it against the company if things go sour. DON'T GO TO THE HR...Geez!!!

What I came to realize as a life lesson is that bullies will never treat you better as you become nicer to them, it is the other way around actually. Bullies prey on weak, once you show them you are capable of fighting back they will back off and find another weak prey. Bullies are weak from the inside, you need to put them in their place early on. Unfortunately Qualcomm is full of those insecure bullies at all levels.

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Be a man!!....fight for yourself ...not just from your boss.....but life in general....don’t look for people (HR) to protect you....actually your complaint looks like school kids...

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