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Layoffs will continue

There is no way this stops at now. The economy is much worse than when this was planned, and this “lottery” did nothing to weed out the poor performers, or others that the organization wants out. The slow quiet reduction that was happening before the VWO will at least continue or speed up.

I will add that this VWO program will go down as a terrible exercise for E. I am hearing of so many good people who took the offer because they can have a job next week, this will be a very real brain drain. Also, there is a group that wanted to go and got declined after many years of good service. They are going to hate their remaining time.

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The sad part is it didn’t weed out bad performers. Instead it was an opportunity for those with a ton of knowledge, hard work and dedication to a good company be able to leap at the chance to get off this sinking ship. No downloading of knowledge to those left behind but instead relief they don’t have to put up with all the c-ap Enbridge has brought on. To those left behind, the mental abuse will continue, you will continue to live day to day in fear of having a job and now have to pick up the work of those leaving. Good luck... unfortunately too many people will pay the price mentally and physically. It is already taking its toll on a number of employees. So sad. It was an amazing company (UG) for a 100+ years all to now be torn down by AM.

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So many accurate points here. I would have had a mental break down if I wasn't one of the chosen to leave. I feel bad for those who wanted to leave and now have to watch all of us sail away with our pot of gold. They will never forget the offer that never happened. That's sad.

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