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At least 15% (first hand source, not hearsay) of the global Products & Technology (P&T) budget has to be "cut" before November - the lay off head count will be heavily skewed towards high cost countries primarily the US (since labor laws (or lack thereof) allow for it) ... and where the % will end up being higher.

Headcount wise - the number I heard was "130" - I suspect APAJ Support engineers are in danger given the overlap with the IST timezone.

The so called re-balancing will likely mean replacing high cost onshore workers with (junior - cheap and willing to trade health for work experience) offshore ones working IST night shifts to cover the US timezones - EST - CST - PST; to state the obvious - one can expect high attrition rates (overseas) and some unavoidable impact on the customer support experience due to lost skills / lower staffing (at peak activity moments) and likely overworked surviving (for how long?) staff.

Nobody was laid off directly today - some folks were offered a voluntary buyout today ( US only the "lucky" ones got a phone call) ; those who don't take it will enter the "involuntary" redundancy scheme and get the then available redundancy package (they insisted that the conditions may change at any time ...indirectly meaning IMHO that they encourage folks to take the voluntary package which is significantly better than what was offered to those laid off in 2019).

Given the inhumanely narrow 60 day window H-1B folks (and their families, many with US-born children) and the current job market conditions, this will likely become tragic come November for those without a "Plan B" in hand.

To add to the complexity - those with pending H-1B extensions cannot transfer to a new employer on H-1B - the "Buy American" supporters must be happy.

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This has now changed, layoffs have started.

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are any composite software engineers affected?

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TIBCO is a sweatshop. No surprise.

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