Thread regarding NetApp layoffs

It's coming - from SVP down...

I was told by my boss to expect my team to be cut by close to half.

I asked how worried I should be, ie how are they cutting by role, by office, by ???

He said I don’t know when, how, or the exact number, we were told to stack rack by role, and then identify which jobs can be done by another team.

I asked if it was just our team, he said no, it’s from SVP down.

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"How worried should I be"? Since when is worry a helpful activity? Do you mean, should I start looking for another job? Which is a much more proactive, positive activity. I was laid off my NetApp a few years ago, and no amount of knowing ("worrying") ahead of time would have prepared me. Fear is the cheapest room in the house. P.S. I'm on this forum because I work for NetApp again; got hired 6 months after I was laid off. So, who knows. I wish you all the best.

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As someone said this post was copied from a comment made on June 11. Why would someone post it a week later again. Probably someone trying to stir things up.
Also stop with the casual racism. If you have a problem with someone in your team speak up to your superiors if they don't listen go higher. Don't come and complain on an anonymous forum

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LOL, this whole thread is one big TROLL.

I like the last from the latest post to verify yourself with non-identifying and non-sensitive info that proves you are a NetApp employee.

*My verification, first two words in 2nd paragraph of Kurian 6/2 email is "It is"

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In my 25+ years in tech I’ve always had a manger give me a heads up on potential resource actions coming very big to very small companies. There’s only Ever been 1 time my mangers info was wrong, and that was when our group’s IP was sold to another company, our actual product was discontinued, and our entire 200 person division was cut.
If your management isn’t clueing you in I think it says something about you.
FYI not NetApp and have no info, I was just talking to a NetApp friend who’s worried and told him to check this site out.

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Don't know about the SVPs, but there are so many Directors, Managers and Program Managers that do nothing but calling and attending meetings. Contributing nothing.

"Too many clueless chiefs and careless Indians." 100% correct. Witnessing that right now.

Cleaning up is not a bad thing. Get rid of the clueless chiefs and careless Indians.

Unfortunately, that is a wishful thinking. Decision makers are the clueless chiefs which will most likely keeping the careless Indians.

Good workers will end up in Pure

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There’s like 100 SVPs at netapp. And no one has a boss that warns them they’re getting cut.

This post is a prank or some drunk. He’s probably giggling while reading this.

Nonetheless from my standpoint the company is and has been struggling. Hate to say it, but a good purge may do good. Too many clueless chiefs and carless indians.

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This post is so generic that it could be applied to almost any company word-for-word. Unless the OP can give more specifics like BU, SVP, etc, troll is a safe assumption. I’m not just engaging in wishful thinking and I’m entirely willing to accept that cuts could be coming, but this is so light on details that it’s worthless. Perhaps because the poster has no internal knowledge about the company.

This post is also a copy-paste of a comment in another thread.

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