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It wasn't that long ago we were discussed by cheap labor and outsourced jobs that supplied our branded clothes and designer footwear. It's still going on, and this I know is nothing new, just a case of 'Out of sight, out of mind'..

If we though we could relax and be at ease since we made some noise against these movements, think again.

On a scale that would leave your head spinning, IT 'sweatshop' jobs are the new norm as worker in places like India are being exploited, but in a somewhat shinier work space.

Just look at this post from an IT worker in India, and this is only of many you can find, an example of the 'work life balance', and 'we value our employees' attitude is nothing more than a wash or the actual physical and mental abuse these people endure. Yes I said it, Physical and Mental, for thers is more than one way to skin a horse.

"Keshav Sharma, studied at IIM Dropout
Answered Apr 13, 2018
IT sector jobs are the biggest sweatshops on earth. I happened to work for 4 yrs in 2 of the software giants (Ericsson & The timings are pathetic…. In every IT firm, one needs to be working late at night (either in office/ work from home) with no extra salary for extra hours worked. Private companies give 7–8 % annual hike to only people who slog for 15–16 hrs at office entire year. Rest are given 0–3% (Yes they give 0% hike too and that to many of them every year). Managers treat employees like dogs. They are there just to keep raising performance bars and to manhandle them every day for not meeting them. I’ve seen that most employees tend to suffer from high BP ,blood sugar & heart diseases by the time one reaches 30 and its common for 10–15 young employees to die in a company campus every year .…All the above reasons make most employees to quit IT companies for good every year…. People who come from poor family background or if married & having a family don’t quit and keep struggling till death…

All private companies talk of work-life balance. But they are there for business and filling their profits out of employees’ hard work. They make employees work till they are burned out. For them, the motto is “Make Employees Work Only so much so that They don’t have any time for Life(& that too on pennies)” The employees get only peanuts with respect to the money they make from clients."

If you think your company values you in your cosy North American, or European office, think again. For as the employees of Sophos recently found out, you are less a person, possibly even just a number, but certainly not as valued as the '$'..
Spare a thought for your overworked, under paid, ill treated colleagues in these 'Third world' and 'Under developed' countries. And yes they are just that..

Third World country and a developing country. ... India is considered to be a Third World country and is also a developing country today. India has a high poverty rate, corruption, an outdated caste system, and other significant issues that have stunted its development.

Feeling burnt out, undervalued, join the queue..

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About a week after I was laid off I saw a posting for my Job - located in india. F those guys.

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it is always about striking the balance between cost and quality. it will never stop swinging

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Cheap labor in India or the Philippines sounds awesome until execs figure out that almost everything half of those people touch needs to be reworked by staff in more expensive labor countries. Net savings are zero, actual costs are higher.

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I was one of the people affected by the layoffs in Sophos, yet they continue to hire people using a company called CSS Corp. It's all a bit contradictory, and yet very reflective of what is happening around the world.
So all the people that have been disposed off, the years of experience, retrenched for inexperienced, underpaid, and unvalued people. It WILL keep happening, be under no illusion..

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