Thread regarding iRobot Corp. layoffs

Things aren't always as they appear

Recent reports of robotic vacuum cleaner sales 'far exceeding expectations' would lead one to believe the reasons for the May layoff were total B**t and that the Covid-19 scare provided excellent cover for management to CYA or upper management doesn't really understand their own business very well.. Their efforts to optimize development timelines have actually had the exact opposite effect due to middle management fiefdoms blaming one another. This combined with the inability to reconcile resources between their floor and lawn care product development is the real reason they needed to 'clean house' and shut down the lawnmower program. Unfortunately they managed to throw the baby out with the bathwater in a number of instances. Upper management needs to have better visibility into what actually happens beneath middle management rather than being quite so trusting. Remember the saying 'Trust but verify'?

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