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CVX is a good company to work for and retire, but dont expect much recognition...

As a CVX Retiree, I can say this ... this was inevitable. CVX needs to grow, but not through drill bit. This is a good play but not sure if best time to pull the chord... time will tell.

As for working at CVX, expect significant layoffs. CVX is going through significant upheaval this year: layoffs that ar projected to be 15 to 20%, across the board; culture change called “Functional Transformation”, code word by Management Consultants BCG as, new name same idea give me money; Uncertainty by the ranks how all this plays out.

Layoffs are expected to be complete by end October, but with this acquisition, I expect that to be pushed back to mid 2021.

CVX has few projects in the works because Gorgon, Wheatstone, EGTL and TCO has s—ed the money out due to poor management and leadership, resulting in cost overruns (significant) and significant schedule busts.

If you arr a FE then dont expect anything. If you are a geologists or geophysicists, start looking. If you are in ops then you maybe ok. If you are a woman you got a job for life (hint: part of the Functional Transformation).

Current package is 3 weeks every year, one month severance notice and if lucky management asks you to stay a few more months.

Good luck.

CVX is a good company to work for and retire, but dont expect much recognition ... they have the “poppy syndrome”.

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"Both have disappeared with low prices and now a penny-pitching..."

No doubt that is true. Still, Noble's YPs were getting short changed during the good times too. Plenty of outside classes, but that doesn't compensate for poor on the job training. If you're Chevron you can't really appreciate the Noble bs factor until you've lived it. If you're Noble and you think the companies YP training is good then you must be in management or need glasses.

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Be careful. Chevron YPs were also sold a bill of goods about training opportunities and rotations. Both have disappeared with low prices and now a penny-pitching (except for exec. Bonuses) management. Don’t depend on training or rotations, hunker down and get experience to bolster your resume, and you’ll be fine.

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Nice package....ExxonMobil layoffs, disguised as poor performance cuts, gives you 3 months if you voluntarily quit. Or, you can op to try to improve during the next 3 months and when you’re cut anyway (b/c the decision was already made), you get nothing.

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Ain't that the truth. I have sympathy for the legions of YPs brought into the company. They were sold a phony story about Noble excellence and "training" when they joined. That didn't pan out and now they'll be going up against the big dogs. On the bright side, they'll get some real training. On the down they have a lot of catching up to do. Home you all make it. As for management, you're gonna get filtered out fast. It's exactly what you deserve.

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It’s gonna be eye opening for a lot of NBL folks when they work for a professional company...

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