Thread regarding Riverbed Technology Inc. layoffs

What is going on?

Company closed first week of Aug, equals vacation burn.
Good people continue to exit the business.
Marketing effort soft at best.
Other TB companies forced furlows.
SP gets bought at 6 to 7 x multiplier.

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That’s a really way of putting it and I agree. Its innovative days are long over and just living off what it built. This company attracts a lot of underperforming lifers, but someone could have told you that 10 years ago. With no new money to attract talent, it’s just a sinking ship. Nothing wrong with collecting a check but if you want more, this isn’t it.

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No one smart left there or smart people ignored. Trump-style Politicians running around acting confident only fooling other lame people and annoying others. Riverbed is just annoying company led by a– clowns. Game over soon.

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Furloughs and vacation burn are all about reducing expenses and improving EBITDA. When revenue is not there you have to make up for it on the other side.
Riverbed is in a funk that just won't end. Sad to see. It is kind of like that building in every town that for some reason has a new restaurant in it every year. Same building, seemingly good location, different concepts, but nothing seems to stick.
There are still a few good people there, but you are right. The really good ones, those with any spark, have either left or were let go. It is hard to run a successful business this way. It will take a lot to turn this big orange ship around. I feel like TB is just keeping the lights on long enough to hopefully get some of their money back at some point.

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