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You down with OPG(2)

No one likes working here anymore. Stop trolling us on a layoff site.

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Cortez ... it’s sad to think that a hard working, long term employees position was offshored for the likes of you

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@Cortez - I guess you'll be standing with OPG in the unemployment line too? Seriously though, SG is a dumpster fire.... reduced 401k match, layoffs, outsourcing, customers bailing, no raises, and BANKRUPTCY.

But you think "it makes sense to have a positive outlook", because you know, "DiVeRsItY aNd InClUsIoN"???

What a fool.

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You ever heard the saying ‘ actions speak louder than words ‘ ?

Pay attention to what they do not what they say.

And SG has a long proven history of talking a big game, delivering nothing, off loading people, repeat the cycle every quarter.

The question you have to ask yourself is why do you still believe and accept the lies they tell you ?

Let’s disregard your bonus and pay rise for this year shall we. However, where is your job security ?

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I stand with OPG. It make sense to have positive outlook. This will be message in future townhall. Company roadmap is going also for Diversity and inclusion. It is my feeling and my manager is feeling same way. He share with us good energy in our group meeting. Like OPG have said, this will be epic turnaround! It is in the company horizon!

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