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The Hennegan Company closing

As a former Hennegan Company Customer Service employee I would like to say CGX was actually worse than RRD.
An 8% pay cut was given across the board when we were purchased, and not another raise given the entire time CGX owned the. HenneganCompany!
Yes I agree after RRD ousted the former president from Industrial Road, an id–t narcissist was put in charge of Hennegan. Matt Flippen’s only talent is creating excel spreadsheets that any high school student could do.
He admitted more than once that he could only “see” things in a spreadsheet.
Hennegan was a loser, that is why the Otts sold it. Why else would a family that owned the company for more than 100 years sell it?
However, some on this site tout CGX”s Joe Davis as a good president.
That is total b—s—! Everyone at Hennegan hated the s-xist piece of s#%t Joe Davis!
He could not even look a woman in the face!
Your breasts were the only thing visible to the old pervert!
The employees need to wake up and face the fact that the lazy union pressmen and incompetent bindery workers closed Hennegan!
After the sale to CGX the employees with expertise that made Hennegan the premiere printer either left or retired.
RRD bought CGX to get the work and play upon the Hennegan reputation. They couldn’t make it work because of all the incompetence by the union employees and their lack of good work ethic.
Matt Flippen was the puppet put in power to make it happen! Wake up and find another line of work!

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As one of those "incompetent bindery workers", I want to say that the majority of operators cared about what was produced. The c-appiest RRD jobs printed on the worst paper took over the Hennegan production facility while sales of the highest quality auto books faded away with the sales force. Then FLIPPEN came and with such great decisions like the promotion of the "new" bindery manager wbo was totally unqualified, things quickly turned from bad to horrible. RRD and their management k–led Hennegan. End of story.

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This statement is about 98% accurate only thing I would challenge is the fault line of union workers. I think they had the knowledge yet were tasked with joining forces with non union workers who were not used to the type of work that Hennegan did and were unwilling to consider learning but that’s a direct reflection of Flippen who thought he knew everything and refused to listen to anyone. He proved his non worth in his leadership choices in bindery and then placing one manager over 3 or 4 departments. Just incompetent. Wouldn’t call him a puppet would call him a useless bully and deserving of carrying the title closer of the most awarded printer in the country. Hope that closes many doors in his face just like he did to Hennegan.

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Joe Davis was good for Joe Davis. That's all the good that can be said of him. Didn't even have the decency to thank all his employees for their years of sub servitude as he rode out into the sunset with a pile of cash when RRD acquired CGX. He walked into a shop in Houston two years ago showing some of his family his past prize. Acted like he still owned the place.

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It was actually Richard Jones of PCA That brought Matt Flippen And Richard Jones that got him in as president of Westland Press. He needed have an associate as a prodigy to prove the associate program worked. Matt never cared to learn or apply himself at Westland or PCA he only cared about titles and paychecks

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Good comments
There was a Joke running around CGX employees when RRD made the acquisition. Donnelley was celebrating a big anniversary. The Banners read RRD 150 Years old! This soon became "Yeah, RRD 150 years OLD!".
That aside,when it came down to Hennigan, and the fact that there were some issues to be addressed, most international industry leading Giants would have assembled a TEAM of professionals to work to get Hennigan, long recognized as printing Flagship, out of drydock. A team with the combined talents to come to terms with and negotiate Union Issues, review and terminate department heads that retained employees producing unacceptable products and costly waste. Then identifying motivating and rewarding those employee leaders committed and loyal to the company and their coworkers. Management and employees working together exchanging ideas and protocols in an atmosphere of trust that is goal oriented. None of the above profound or dynamic new business philosophies.
Bewildering as it may seem, RRD sends in someone who apparently signed up for CGX at a college job fair, graduating without enough Lithographic knowledge to tell a halftone from a dogbone. He enters Joe Davis' "Associate Brainwashi......oops Training Program", gets sent to a quonset Hut at PCA to do Letterhead and business card quotes and voila ā company president. Armed with a holster full of Excel talent to rival any equal craft of a 14 year old Play Station Czar, and not a single ounce of people skills. From what I have been told, this individual was someone the Baltimore/Washington print community had seen enough of. Client's terrified of his laugh and lack of basic high end printing knowledge, and employees that were beginning to lodge more documented complaints, that would end up in RRD's lap. It was passed along that at least one of his top sales reps had made it clear he was no longer welcome to attend meetings with the reps' clients.
Was putting this person in charge a predetermination of Hennigan's collapse, or was RRD unaware of the CGX management training program that, bottom line, promoted fear and intimidation, to allow for pay cuts, demand more work and have no annual review or raise initiatives as part a documented HR Program? When once asked about raises by one company President the CGX CEO was heard to say, why give them raises where they gonna go?
Throwing in Covid 19 is moot. The Captain of a personal form of Excel/Tron so specific and inflexible that only he could use it to save the day came onboard long before this horrible viral scourge descended. No quite honestly I feel as though we were all simply "Flipped" the bird. God Bless us all and good luck.

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I don’t know who posted this but everything you said about you know who and his spreadsheets, dead on.

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