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Maybe you want to see this on Bridgewater

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It is relevant.
Banks are only doing well because of direct injection from the FEDS nothing else. Not hard to do well with free money.
There has to be layoffs. It will happen in the Fall or before year end.
This situation has been a true paradigm shift and if Met does not adapt- like they tell us all to, then they will fall behind. WFH is here to stay.

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I'm going to give the O.P. the benefit of doubt and assume poster knew it was about a hedge fund.

It actually is relevant. The catch is, people aren't quitting their jobs right now. "Normal" attribution is probably 15% to 20% at most place (not met, people with cushy pensions do not leave).

So, laying off, to be slightly more than "normal" attribution could be quite a few layoffs in this environment.

As far as I can tell, this has NOT happened at MetLife.

But, who says it couldn't? Guaranteed the CEO reads the newspapers (maybe online). He mentiond banks in his last "Let's Talk". Things are good right now, but if things turn down for peers, they will turn down for MetLife, too.

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Typical of MetLife employees. Reading is not a strong suit.

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LOL, this is about a hedge fund, NOT MetLife.

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