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Snowflake as competitor?

I think Snowflake filing for IPO could be one of the 2020 best headlines but this headline is a bit exaggerated. We can only wonder what 2021 will bring to us but neither Snowflake nor Amazon controls the market, so competition between different businesses is more readily encouraged. Any idea on the approximate date of Snowflakes IPO?

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I don’t think AWS can ever catch up to SNOW, they have better developers.

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Snowflake IPO’d. AWS will probably take the proverbial backseat to SNOW while slowly taking out the back stabbing dagger. SNOW needs to continuously improve their platform (via spending more money so try AWS) or else AWS will crank things up.

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I hate working at Amazon, a total fing slave ship. Being laid-off would be a dream, at least maybe I would get a small package and unemployment. Really hope Bezos drops dead, total dirt bag just like his old man at the bike shop.

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Got PIP’d out, but I’m alright with it since I’ve been wanting to leave for awhile now. Got my August vest, will be getting severance, plus fully subsidized health insurance for next 3 months. I plan on taking it easy for the rest of the year before I start considering my next job. Single, no kids, no mortgage, and not on a US visa, though I am planning on moving to Europe at the end of the year, for which I will need one for the EU.

I am in Retail (non-tech) but have experience from Marketplace, ads, and international expansion. Total YOE @ Amazon are 5.

For the time being, I don’t think I’d like my next job to be client-facing, which I realize might be a waste considering my experience.

I recently started learning about AI/ML and its implications in the future of biotech..interested in learning more and wondering if there are any trainings within Amazon that I should take before I leave.
I considered getting started in AWS certifications, but not super intrigued by the cloud.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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